Commercial Roadside Recovery

Canute Engineering Albert Road Recovery Division was established in 1961. Our recovery operation provides a complete fleet solution for fleets of all sizes, from single to multi vehicle fleets.

Knowledgeable commercial vehicle mechanics that understand client needs

Our expertly trained staff are equipped with a total understanding of vehicle construction and systems. This means that our recovery technicians can cope with even the most complex scenario. Canute Engineering can also offer a cost-effective recovery and repair as an alternative to Dealer Vehicle Repair workshops.

Offering comprehensive and flexible commercial vehicle services

Immediate assistance is available 24/7, 365 days a year, using recovery vehicles of the highest specification. We generally attend a recovery between 30 and 60 minutes from a request for assistance. Altogether, we utilise a range of over 20 dedicated recovery trucks that cover a 100 kilometre radius around our Purfleet and Gamston Depots.

Commercial vehicle recovery that covers the whole spectrum

Canute Engineering offer both light, heavy and specialist recovery retrieval for a variety of clients who require vital vehicle recovery assistance, including:

  • Government agencies and the public sector (i.e. Police, Customs & Excise, Emergency Services, local authorities and the NHS)
  • Large fleet operators
  • Private commercial operators and third parties
  • The general public

Large vehicle recovery

Our recovery vehicle equipment is state of the art, achieving damage free lift with either forks or wheel grids. All vehicles can be fully lifted by wheel ducks, enabling loading onto a low-loader. Buses and coaches are very vulnerable due to their build type and should a total lift be required, this method ensures the vehicle will not be damaged.

A specialist 75 tonne rotator recovery vehicle compliments fixed crane recovery vehicles, giving further flexibility and the ability to complete a lift where fixed on-board cranes would be difficult. Low-loader recovery allows the flexibility to extend normal vehicle movements to other types of vehicles that does not require heavy lift.

All recovery trucks carry all the necessary tools, which can sometimes help to eliminate the need for a recovery. This leads to reduced costs, enables the vehicle to be back in service quickly and means less disruption.

Specialist recovery

Over the last 50 years, Canute Engineering have attended many recoveries that have been far from straightforward, whether it be the vehicle, the location, the load or a combination of all three factors.

Regardless of the problems involved, we attend the site with experienced Incident Controllers, assess the situation, carry out a thorough risk assessment, plan the required job and provide a safe and effective solution at all times.

Light recovery

To assist with the recovery of your light commercial vehicles, the vehicles we use include slide-beds with crew cabs and slide-beds with truck mounted cranes, each with a second vehicle lift. This allows two vehicles to be recovered at once. Every transporter vehicle carries a wide variety of equipment including tools, damage free lift frames and wheel dollies.

All our transporters are operated by fully trained Recovery Technicians, who possess excellent mechanical knowledge across a wide range of light commercial vehicles covering cars, vans and motorcycles from all manufacturers.

Contact us for your commercial roadside recovery needs

Just one call to our dedicated Call Centre on 01708 867928 will assist you in getting your commercial vehicles back in service or repaired quickly.